Cinnamon Bun Day

Author: Caroline Brandelius   Date Posted:28 September 2019 

Cinnamon Bun Day. A delicious Scandinavian tradition. Get Grandma's secret recipe!

Cinnamon Bun Day-  

Get grandma’s secret recipe. 

Kanelbulle, Korvapuusti, Kanelsnegle, the Scandinavian cinnamon bun has many names, a beloved pastry especially in the Nordic countries, so loved that it has its own day. The 4th of October is the day when Sweden and Finland eat way too many cinnamon buns and celebrate a great little sweetie. 

A cinnamon bun is normally served with a cup of coffee. It is the ultimate treat to have with your Swedish fika break. If you ask a Swede what they think of when you say “home baked pastry”, they will definitely say cinnamon bun. And maybe that’s why the Swedish baking organisation Hembakningsrådet decided in 1999 that the cinnamon bun should have its own day. That makes this October the 20th anniversary, giving you all the more reason to eat even more cinnamon buns on this year‘s occasion. 

Of course the best way to celebrate cinnamon bun day is to bake them yourself. Sweden and Finland have a strong culture of homemade baking and every grandma has her own little secret cinnamon buns recipe. Even though there are heaps of very tasty good looking cinnamon buns in every café and bakery on cinnamon bun day, if you have the time, definitely try to bake your own and celebrate the Nordic baking culture by making your own buns. And why not share some with your neighbour or work colleagues. 

My 95 year old Swedish grandma loves baking and has a proud in making homemade cookies and cakes. She would never buy a cake from the shop and especially not cinnamon buns. Homemade is always best. Here’s a modern version of my Swedish grandma Mimmi’s old school recipe. 



3-4 cups self-raising flour

150 grams room temperature butter

2/3 cup cream

2/3 cup milk

21 grams (3x packages) dry yeast 

3 tablespoons sugar

2 teaspoons cardamom


150 grams room temperature butter

1/3 cups sugar

3-4 tablespoons cinnamon


1 egg

Pearl sugar (link shop)* or raw sugar

(Almond or hazel nuts)


1 Stir cream and milk in a bowl add the dry yeast, let it rest for 10-15 minutes. 

2 Stir until well combined the egg, sugar, cardamom and butter. 

3 Stir in almost all of the flour (save some for the kneading part). And work the mixture, kneading in the bowl, until it becomes a smooth, light dough. 

4 Let the dough rest under a t-towel for 40 minutes.

5 Prepare the filling by mixing the room temperature butter, sugar and cinnamon to a paste. 

6 Punch down the dough and split it in half. Roll out one dough at the time to a big rectangle and spread the cinnamon paste all over. Start from one of the long sides of the rectangle and roll the dough to a big roll. Slice up the roll into two centimetres big pieces. 

7 Put the pieces facing the spiral up on a oven tray. Let rest under a t-towel for another 30 minutes. 

8 Whisk one egg yolk with a little bit of water. Brush every piece with the egg mix and sprinkle some pearl sugar or raw sugar on top. If you wish you can also sprinkle some chopped almonds or hazel nuts over the buns. 

9 Cook in the oven, 200 degrees for 10-12 minutes. 

10 Serve the buns fresh, with a cup of coffee or a glass of cold milk! 

*Pearl sugar is a Swedish sugar. It is sugar crystals compressed to lager nibs of sugar. You can buy it in our stores or online here.

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