Conscious choices for a better world

Author: Caroline Brandelious   Date Posted:20 July 2019 



At Nordic Fusion we think about the planet and future generations. We believe choosing environmental friendly products is not an option anymore, it is our responsibility. 

Sustainability is among our top priorities when deciding which brands we represent. Today, retailers have to offer their educated customers smart and clever products that also benefit the planet. And we have to be responsible for supporting brands that represent a healthier lifestyle for the planet and us humans. 

Here are some of the brands that we love working with, which are doing great things for the environment: 




A Swedish brand that only use natural fibres for their blankets and throws. They use organic cotton and eco-wool from special farmers in the Bank Peninsula, New Zealand or from Gotland. Their products are made from start to finish in their factory. They don’t use any chlorine bleach or dyes that contain heavy metals. Klippan can also guarantee that no animal cruelty takes place during the production, as they are in control of the whole supply chain. 




Makes delicious scented candles from natural sourced ingredients that are vegan friendly. They are a Swedish brand that has put a lot of effort into the whole life cycle of the product. When the candle is warm you can use the natural oils and wax as a body lotion or massage oil. The glass jars are food grade and can easily be reused as food containers. Their packaging is 100 percent recyclable and they guarantee no chemicals or artificial ingredients in their candles. Klinta also works with small scale English beekeepers when producing their beeswax. By doing that they contribute to happier bees that can hibernate with good food stocks without having to give them extra sugar solutions.  




This Danish brand is really pushing it, they make furniture that is 100 percent carbon neutral. They use a material called Moso Bamboo which is one of the most natural sustainable resources on the planet. Their design is sleek, functional and made to last a lifetime. Their vision is that new Danish design and strict sustainable principles should go hand in hand. 




Is a very old and traditional weaver brand in Sweden established in 1692. They weave tea towels, tablecloths and napkins. They use traditional weaving methods instead of printing which creates more sustainable and long lasting products. Early they were a flag ship in the textile industry by using 100 percent natural fibres. They hold a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. Which means they follow very high environmental criteria in their whole production chain as well as social criteria. 


All these high quality products can be found online or in our stores.

Make a conscious choice to shop sustainable, support creative brands and feel good about the way you consume. 


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