Entertaining In Winter

Author: Caroline Brandelius   Date Posted:7 June 2020 

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Days are getting shorter and the nights cooler. Australia is entering winter and Scandinavia is going into summer, but what do the Nordic people do when the nights are cold and dark in winter? Maybe we can get inspired by their winter activities. Here are a few Scandi-winter activity tips that don’t include any snow. 


“Fika” and a lot of “Mys”

There is nothing more cosy and warming than having a bit of “hygge” as the Danish would say or “mys” in Swedish, when winter arrives. Light a lot of candles warm up a cup of tea, put your comfy clothes and warm socks on, snug up in the cough and just enjoy the now. Take the time to invite some family and friends over for a cup of coffee and something sweet to eat. The tradition of having a “fika” in Sweden is absolutely a favourite thing to do in winter. No one says no to a warm cup of coffee with cinnamon buns especially in good company. 


Baking and Knitting

Arts and craft is huge part of the Nordic culture. Especially crocheting, knitting and embroidering. While you spend more time inside during winter these things are very relaxing and entertaining to do. And why not take the time to create something for yourself to stay warm during winter, like knitting a beanie or a warm scarf


Active Outdoors In the Dark

Scandinavians are great people to get inspire by when it comes to do outdoor activities in the dark. When you have to live such a big part of the year in the darkness you just have to get used to it. So do what most people do in the Nordics invest in a good head torch and get out. With a good lamp on your head you can still do your outdoor activities like, running, walking and biking even in the dark. 


Nordic Noir Movies

When the nights are dark and cold you end up watching a lot of movies. For some reason a lot of thrillers and crime series are made by Nordic script writers and directors. The winter darkness takes you to dark places which can be reflected in the Nordic movies and series. So get comfy and safe in your cough and prepare for cold shivers watching Scandinavian murders and crimes toppers on the screen. A tip is to go to SBS On Demand online where you can find a lot of Scandinavian movies and series. 

Enjoy your Scandi-Aussie winter!


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