Fun Nordic Indoor Activities to Get Through Iso-times

Author: Caroline Brandelius   Date Posted:23 August 2020 

The new pandemic lifestyle is a challenge to adapt. Spending a lot of time at home, be it in isolation or because now you are working from home most of the time, can be both stressful and boring, so why don’t we take some inspiration from the people up North who spend most of their time indoors away from the cold. Here are a few ideas how you can have a bit more fun while self-isolating at home. 


Start a Dream

While spending a lot of time at home it can be good to let yourself drift off to the world of dreams. Let yourself have everything in your dreams, there are no limits. Nordic people dream a lot especially in winter to warm sunny places. And who knows maybe the dream will plant a seed and the next thing you know you’ll be drinking a flatty, eating an almond croissant and swimming between the flags down under. 

Crime Scene Cleaning

Scandinavians love their dark crime series and murder mystery books. While spending some time at home you might find cleaning necessary but incredibly boring. To make it more fun you can get into character and pretend you are on a crime scene and don’t want to leave any traces at all. If you have kids get them involved too. You will find your home being spotless and cleaned to perfection.

Dancing Queen

Don’t be afraid to turn that good song up and make some nice moves. You don’t have to look good just dance because it will make you feel good. You will find yourself much happier and re-energized. And if you dare to sing out loud too while dancing, double win for you. If you are an Abba-fan you can have a Mamma Mia marathon and watch the musicals over and over again to learn the moves and sing the songs. You might take your living room stage out to the big public stage one day, who knows?

Stylish “Mys”-pants

The number one thing to wear when spending a lot of time at home is comfy clothes, “mys”-pants. “Mys” and “hygge” are the most important things in Scandinavia when it comes to cosy quality slow down time. “Mys”-pants would be anything you like wearing that is comfy and works for both laying on the couch and cleaning under the couch. It is good to feel beautiful while spending a lot of time at home, so spoil yourself by getting a stylish “mys”-outfit to wear at home. It can brighten up your mood and make the day go by better.  

Sauna in the bathroom 

There is no better indoor activity than Sauna if you ask a Finn. And you don’t have to go all the way to Finland for a Sauna. Just steam up the bathroom with a hot shower, take a seat, crack a beer or other cool drink and just relax enjoying the heat and let it do wanders to your skin with your favourite skin care products.

Hope you got some good tips to help you get through iso-times at home! 


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