Get more coziness “Hygge” in your life

Author: Caroline Brandelius   Date Posted:3 May 2020 

Danish people have been on top of the list as the happiest people in the world, several times. And how come? Isn’t life pretty depressing in cold dark Scandinavia? Well it very well could be, but they have “hygge”. Danish people know how to battle the darkness by creating moments of coziness and by appreciating the here and now. 

The word hygge means coziness, relax and just be present in the moment. Hygge takes place when you feel secured, relaxed in good company or by yourself. It could be just having a cup of coffee in your favourite cup, with a lit candle and soft music in the background. It’s moment when you feel hygge and cosiness. 

You can create an atmosphere where hygge is the hero. It is very common to use the word in interior design to create a peaceful and warm welcoming home. A feeling of having a warm cuddly blanket around you when the snow is falling outside or the cold wind is sweeping through while you are snuggled up on a comfy couch next to a fireplace sipping on a warm beverage.

Hygge can also be created to make the most of the moment. A coisness of slowing down in a hectic world when everything is going very fast. Maybe light that little candle or bring a book to your favourite spot at home or at work. Make that little short moment enjoyable when you sit down for a break. Take the time to bring yourself into now and be presence in everything around you at that time. 

A big part of the hygge lifestyle is to be with friends and family and people that give you good energy. When you are in a room with people you like, you feel more secure and lower your guard. This opens you up for vulnerability and stronger connections with people. Studies shows that when we can connect and feel belonging we other people we become more satisfied and happier on the inside. A hygge activity could be a casual dinner or a cup of coffee together. At work for example the lunch break could be focused on doing a crossword together rather than talking about jobs. Hygge is a lot of enjoying the now with other people that you like. The focus is on connecting rather than performing. 

The Danish people are really good at creating and feeling hygge and it is a good chance that their lifestyle of hygge, makes them happier. You don’t have to travel to Denmark to try out the hygge- lifestyle. Here are 5 easy ways you can start your hygge lifestyle today:

5 steps to get a little bit more Hygge in your life

1 Light some candles.

2 Brew a cup of coffee or tea.

3 Put away your phone. Try something with paper: read, write, do a crossword, draw a picture.

4 Snuggle up in a comfy place in comfy clothes.

5 Be here and now. Uses your senses, people watch.


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