Gifts to Impress!

Author: Caroline Brandelius   Date Posted:1 February 2020 

Have you ever felt that you want to give that perfect gift to someone you really like? A gift to impress that will make this person very happy. Here are some tips of presents sure to impress with a touch from the Nordics.  


You can’t buy love but the perfect gift does wonders to showing you care. And if you have put some time and effort into it you will definitely show that you are willing to give this person a lot of your time. We all know that a good present can make you feel a little bit special and maybe that can be a step closer to love and appreciation. 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s a good time to start thinking about what romantic gift you would like to give someone you really like or love to show your adoration. It is important to think it through and find those small details you might have heard him or her say that they like or think is important. 

If it is a person that you don’t know so well it could be trickier. At Nordic Fusion we have a few presents that can’t go wrong either if it is for him or her. Presents that will give a romantic hint without being too much. 


A cup of Love 

Everyone likes enjoying a nice warm drink. The perfect cup filled to the brim with your favourite drink makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Your loved one can think of you every time they reach for their morning cup. 

For her:

For him:


Nordic Design Jewellery & Socks

Clean Scandinavian jewellery design is timeless and feels extra special to wear if the person has Nordic heritage. And who cannot be happier getting a pair of colourful socks with funny prints that will brighten your day every time they are slipped on.

For her:

For him:


Body Beauty

Give the body some love with this beautiful fresh smelling body oils from Swedish brand Klinta. Today everyone can enjoy a good body oil to smell good and get rid of dry skin. Klinta’s beard stubble oil is very popular and a perfect gift for him.

For her:

For him:


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