Happy Eggy Easter

Author: Caroline Brandelius   Date Posted:5 April 2020 


Image from Littlescandinavia.com

Chocolate eggs, egg painting, egg surprises and lolly eggs. Let us tell you about the Nordic Easter egg traditions and how you can celebrate Easter with your kids and loved ones. 

Easter in Scandinavia means spring. Finally dark long winter days are gone and you can start feeling the warm rays of sunshine heating up your body. For many years Easter marked the end of the fastening which means Easter was the time to eat again. Especially eggs left from all the hatching chickens during the fastening. And that tradition is still alive. In Scandinavia eggs are the main thing at Easter. They get painted, eaten, dyed, baked and cooked but most importantly filled with lollies! 

The lolly eggs are mainly made out of cardboard and shaped like a giant egg. It is hollow so you can fill it with chocolate and lollies. At Easter Day the magical Easter rabbit hides the eggs and then the children search for it. Now a days it is common to fill the eggs with presents to avoid a massive sugar hit amongst the kids. 

If you don’t have an Easter egg box to fill with presents our Easter gift bags are a perfect supplement to present your gifts in. We also have beautifully handmade soft toy rabbits and bunnies, from the Danish brand Maileg. Their toys are made with enough love and heart to last for a lifetime. 

If you would like to paint your eggs or decorate it for Easter. Here are a few tips on how to do it. 


Painting eatable eggs

  • Boil some eggs and let them cool down.
  • Use either water paint or pens. 
  • Go creative and make any motive that you like.
  • When paint is dry put them all in a basket and serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Dying eggs

  • Make some dyed vinegar water.
  • Wrap elastics around the boiled eggs to make patterns.
  • Dip it and get colourful eggs.

Decoration eggs (advance)

  • Take a raw egg.
  • Crack a little hole with a needle at the top and the bottom.
  • Blow from one hole so the filling runs out through the other hole.
  • Now you have just an eggshell to paint (be careful they crack easily).
  • Decorate in a basket or dress in a ribbon to hang in the window. 


If you’re carving for a sweet Easter and want to be part of the true Nordic tradition, don’t forget to check out our sweet pantry where we sell all the yummy lolly classics from the Nordics that you can fill your eggs or gift bags with. 

Have a happy Easter!


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