How to create a timeless look for your home

Author: Maria Laitinen  

Photo by OYOY Living Design

Organic cotton cushions, rug, OY oak coffetable and ceramics by OYOY Living Design

With fast furniture permeating the interior market and trends becoming more and more transient, investing in a timeless look for your home will not only save you money, but als stand against the increasing throwaway culture. Contrary to some beliefs, timeless doesn’t have to mean monochrome and boring, but instead can be as personal and eclectic as you wish. No matter what your personal style, timelessness is about choosing well – and discovering a style that is truly you. Scroll down for three easy steps to guarantee an effortlessly timeless look in your home.

1.-  Invest in a few key pieces

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the choices for interior decorations and furniture. Whilst there’s no need to throwaway anything you already have, consider investing in higher quality items if you do need to replace some of the existing pieces. Often these higher quality pieces have a timeless design that combines function and beautiful aesthetics – something you won’t get tired of anytime soon.

2.-  Consider the colours

Eco wool throws by Klippan 

Resist the temptation to invest in a colour that is not normally your first choice. By sticking to classic colours, you are likely to keep them for a longer time. Take a look around your home and pick an accent colour that you think would work long term. Don’t be scared of using some colour, as an all-white interior can look sterile and uninviting.

3.-  Embrace natural materials

Hagi Cups and Vases by OYOY Living Design

Natural fibres like linen, cotton and wool will never go out of style and will add both warmth and texture to any interior. Consider adding some wooden pieces and handcrafted ceramics for a bit of character. If you are renovating, then choosing natural materials (like stone benchtops) will add to the timeless look. Natural materials will age beautifully, which will make you appreciate them even more.




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