Kids Room Decor that can grow with your little one

Author: Hanna Lofgren   Date Posted:2 September 2021 

Grow with me! 

Kids room decor that can grow with your little one

It’s no secret for any parent. Just when you think you have it all figured out with the offspring, they go and change. Sometimes it feels like it’s happening almost overnight. The good old sleep-time routine, their eating habits, how you got them to do their chores… what worked perfectly yesterday, suddenly just doesn’t. 

The same applies to their rooms. Some tweaking in the way we do things is needed from time to time to meet the needs of a growing child. Here are some tricks to ease the transition from a baby’s snuggle nook to a preschooler crib and beyond.

Image: OYOY Living Design (Kami Blanket, Corduroy Bean bag, Doll bed, Giraffe Wallhanger, Building Blocks, Lala Stacking Toy, Zorro Cat Rug and accessories) available from Nordic Fusion

Baby: Calm and cosy

Let’s be honest. Sleep is at a premium with a little one in the house. Creating a calm space for your baby is very much about senses. You want a room that is dark when you want it to be, warm enough but not too much so and definitely quiet for nap time

Strong colors, stark contrasts, bright lights and toys galore may be a stimuli cocktail that will leave the baby feeling overwhelmed. To create a serene space, consider choosing a theme with subtle, powdery shades of blues, purples or pinks. Light to medium greens and natural earthy tones are easy on the eye as well promoting that nice and relaxing ambience. 

Image: OYOY Living Design (Follow the Rainbow Wall Rug, Haikan Cot Bumper and Bedding, Leopard Rug and accessories) available from Nordic Fusion

Toddler: Play time!

Toddlers never stop, do they? They’re on a mission to explore! Making sure the environment is safe is paramount. One simple trick to cushion the occasional falls is - ta-da! - a rug. It’ll also provides a little extra noise insulation for when things get wild. Flat-woven and short-piled rugs are the easiest to keep clean. Both wool and cotton have a pleasant feel to them and are durable for years to come. 

Playing together is great for your toddler’s cognitive development. You’ll even be doing yourself a favour by bringing in a comfy rug to sit on while joining the fun on the floor-level. 

Image: OYOY Living Design (World Tufted Rug, Corduroy Beanbag, Ronja Canopy, Tiger Wallhanger, Rainbow Rattan Dollbed, Storage Boxes and accessories) available from Nordic Fusion

Preschooler: Endless imagination 

Play is how preschoolers learn. The best way to learn by playing is open-end. It’s less about the toys and more about the child. A space with materials designed for open-end play will leave room for individual input allowing kids to make their own choices. When a toy doesn’t have a predetermined use, imagination takes over, and a simple building block turns into an ice block, a box becomes a train and a sofa cushion a doll’s bed.

Some call timeless and durable open-end toys “forever toys”. With multiple ways to play, the best open-end toys stay engaging for years and years. Both the environment and your wallet will thank you for that.

Image: OYOY Living Design (Rainbow Rattan Kids Furniture, Rainbow Rug, Rainbow Cork Balance Stool, Giraffe Wallhanger, Crocodile Gustav and Standing Lion Posters, Storage Boxes, Mini Suitcases and accessories) available from Nordic Fusion

Primary Schooler: “Let ME do it!”

The leap to big school is… well, big. Embrace your big little one’s newly-found independence by making the room easy to do things in, all by themselves. Surprisingly enough, some classic design lovers' wisdoms may help you do this. “Less is more”, for example, is definitely not for adults only. Clutter in the kids' room is a massive source of distraction and may get overwhelming. 

Another good one is “quality over quantity”. Ever seen a kid sit in the middle of a sea of toys complaining she has nothing to do? So have we. We’re firm believers in that a carefully curated and well presented selection of a few games and toys is way better than multiple mediocre ones. Both to keep kids entertained, and to encourage creativity and learning.  

The added bonus in a minimalistic space is that it’s easier to keep tidy. When your kiddo knows exactly where things belong, pack up time can actually become an empowering experience. 

Image: OYOY Living Design (Leo Larvae Rug and Wallhanger, Arca Oak Kids Furniture, Sorage Boxes, Mini Suitcases, Wooden Blocks & Wagon and accessories) available from Nordic Fusion



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