Kindness will see us through

Author: Karla Armas   Date Posted:28 March 2020 

Yes, we know... it feels like everything is wrong with the world right now. But if we focus beyond the negative, we are able to notice the beauty of kindness and humanity all around us.

We've all experienced or heard stories about random acts of kindness. Simple little things, like:

  • Someone in the supermarket queue taking the time to say a special thank you to the supermarket worker for all they are doing to keep stocks of essential items on the shelves.
  • Landlords around Australia having the initiative to contact their leasees to offer rent reductions or rent vacations so that businesses don't have to shut down.
  • People offering to share there large packet of toilet paper with a complete stranger because it's the last one in the store.
  • Customers contacting their favourite stores to check on them, wish them well and tell them they will support them through these tough times. (Thank you to all our customers for your support - It means the world to us)  

And there are many more examples, but you get the picture. Despite the world being in almost complete lockdown, and us not being able to do and enjoy all the nice things we used to take for granted, there are still many reasons to be thankful and appreciative for what we have and can do, as well as for being part of the crazy and amazing human kind.

So, please remember to:
Smile – It’s scientifically proven to improve your mood.  

Cherish the extra time together with your loved ones.  
Be kind – to yourself and everyone around you.    

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