Raise the Flag for Father's Day

Author: Caroline Brandelius   Date Posted:11 August 2019 

Father’s Day has arrived and its time to spoil all the dads. But why do we celebrate Father’s Day? And how is the modern family fitting into this traditional celebration? In Scandinavia equality and diversity is always on the agenda even on Father’s Day. 

Recently Finland decided to make Father’s Day a public flag day. Every year there are special dates when important events happen that the nation raises the flag for. These dates are decided by the parliament and could be a king or a queen’s birthday, Christmas day or other big public holiday. In Finland Mother’s Day has been a public flag day for many years, but from 2019 Father’s Day is now a day when the whole nation raises the flag. This is Finland’s way of moving a step closer towards equality, while highlighting the fact that mum’s and dad’s share responsibility within the family. 

The beginning of Father’s Day is thanks to the American girl Sonora Smart Dodd (1882-1978). Her mum died while giving birth to her fifth child. Left was Sonora’s dad, the farmer William Jackson Smart with five kids. Sonora wanted to celebrate her dad for looking after the whole family by himself. And Father’s Day was born on his birthday the 5th of June. 

In the Nordic countries Father’s Day normally gets celebrated with a breakfast in bed, fika or a special dinner. If you have small kids they probably make a lovely drawing for you or a present they made in school. And to make the celebrations true Scandinavian it is important to acknowledge the different ideas and shapes of the Father figure. And also understand that a Father might like nail polish as much as a tie for a present. 

Father’s Day is celebrated the second Sunday in November in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Denmark celebrates Father’s Day the 5 of June, like 50 other countries around the world. 

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