Rovaniemi - The Home of Santa Claus

Author: Caroline Brandelious   Date Posted:24 November 2019 

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Under the arctic sky is where Santa sits in his post office and receiving wishes from children all over the world. And if you are keen to meet him, Rovaniemi in northern Finland, is boasting to be the official hometown of Santa. It’s a town built on Finnish bravery from the Second World War with a busy Christmas factory, surrounded by stunning nature, complete with crispy white winters.

Rovaniemi is a small town with 63 000 inhabitants in the north part of Finland. Its stunning nature and snowy landscape is surrounded by northern lights in the winter time and endless summer nights with the midnight sun. Placed right on the Arctic Circle this town is a magical, mystic place full of wilderness, attracting people from all around the world to come and visit this little town in the middle of nowhere. 

If you send a letter to Santa it is a good chance the letter will end up in Rovaniemi. Santa’s post office receives around 700 000 letters each year. You can also send a letter from his post office and get the famous Arctic Circle stamp on it. Santa Claus village is one of the main attractions in Rovaniemi where kids can meet Santa and his helpers, ride huskies and reindeers, play in igloos and make snow and ice sculptures, just to mention a few of all the activities in the village. 

Unfortunately the town hasn’t always been this happy and beautiful as it is today. Rovaniemi was once a base for the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War. When they decided to withdraw in 1944 they burned down the whole town. A lot of people died in the fire, but even more people were killed on their way home from mines the Germans had placed out. Finnish architect Alvar Aalto slowly rebuilt the town and from being ruins to what it is today. Rovaniemi has surely turned its dark history into something especially good with an ambassador like Santa Claus, the man of goodwill. 

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Besides being Santa’s official hometown there is a lot more to Rovaniemi that makes it special. Here you can float in cold lakes watching the night sky in special warm floating wetsuits. You can spend a night in the ice hotel that also has a restaurant and bar. There is a little ski resort with 8 slopes called Ounasvaara if you would like to ski at the Arctic Circle. The spas are endless and so are all the different luxurious and cosy accommodations you can stay at. If you have never seen the amazing northern lights there are tours where you can experience Aurora Borealis as it also is called. 

If you would like to visit a true mystic winter town at the Arctic Circle, with a strong Finnish history of bravery, survivor and determination. Rovaniemi is definitely the place. And the town must be pretty special if Santa Claus himself has decided to live there!


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