Scandinavian Spring Time

Author: Caroline Brandelius   Date Posted:11 October 2020 


Dark days are over, finally a glimpse of sunshine and green grass are changing the cold winter landscape into a warm place full with singing birds, green leaves and the sound of flowing streams. It is the new beginning of life and spring time in Scandinavia.

Finally you can take that heavy winter jacket off your shoulders and free your feet from being locked in clumsy winter boots. It might still be a bit cold around ten degrees, but the big change is the heat in the sun. If you ever been to Scandinavia in spring time you will notice how people snug up against a house wall with blankets and a cup of coffee to enjoy the first sun. They close their eyes facing the sun and soak up every ray of light with a closed smile on their faces. The sun is warming up nicely.

All cafes and restaurants are competing to open their outdoor serving first to attract all the spring thirsty people who would love to enjoy a drink outside. It can still be freezing cold but they have heaters, blankets and fires because the calendar says springtime and no one is going to stop them. And any Scandinavian would agree on that, springtime is here and it is time to enjoy the great outdoors. 

A lot of people start their seasonal training of running when spring arrives. Finally you can run in the Forest with running shoes, the trails are not slippery with ice or covered in thick snow. Or even just a run or walk on the streets are much easier when the frost and snow is all gone. 


Spring means time for changes in wardrobe and garden. People who love pottering around in the garden, spring is the time to plant and seed for a lush summer garden and veggie harvesting in autumn. Outdoor furnishings are getting repainted and cleaned to last another summer season. Your wardrobe is getting changed, maybe you buy some new clothes to celebrate spring’s arrival or dust off that box from the attic with last season’s spring clothes. 

The most important bit when spring arrives is barbequing. Scandinavians love cooking outdoors and light up that grill for the first time after a long winter. They grill anything and you also get endless tips and recipes for spring and summer barbequing from magazines, TV, cook books, podcasts and social media how to cook best this season. And you love telling your friends and colleagues how much you barbequed over the weekend and how nice it is to be outdoors again cooking and dining

With spring comes happiness. The light and warm sunny weather makes life a little bit easier up North. You get a D-vitamin boost, you can enjoy being outside, take your jacket off and feel the wind on your skin. And suddenly the streets that were so quiet over winter starts to relive again with kids playing outdoors and social events like gathering around a barbeque for dinner. People cheer up in springtime and it makes everyone a bit happier. 


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