Summer at Home

Author: Caroline Brandelious   Date Posted:5 December 2020 

For many of us summer will be spent at home this year. Maybe you normally visit family and friends over the holidays, but this year will be different. So what can you do at home to make it more holiday-like and what did the Scandinavians do over their summer holidays in June and July? Maybe something we can take on and get inspired by

We have heard it a lot of times before that exploring our own backyard is great for the environment. And now also to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus, so that are two good reasons to stay at home this summer.  

In Sweden a lot of people met up with their older family members in parks or other outdoor areas. Anyone over 70 years is considered a high risk group for the virus in Sweden. And of course you want to meet your older family members and friends especially over the holidays, which they did but only outdoors to minimize the spread of the virus. 

By exploring their neighbourhood they found out that there are beautiful lakes, playgrounds or parks just around the corner. As the restrictions for a long time were only travelling within two hours by car in any direction. Small day trips like visiting a farm, an old castle or exploreing a new hiking track became very popular. Which was great for local businesses. Staying at home also took off a lot of stress both financial and mentally. No need to stress around from one holiday destination to another, home was the only option so they had to make the most of it. 

Aside from meeting up with friends and family outdoors this summer, it can be nice to make something holiday-like in your actual home. Maybe you can arrange a little corner in your house inside or outdoors that you call the holiday corner. Make the space a bit extra nice with a comfy chair or cushions, maybe some happy photos from previous holidays, light relaxing colours. When you sit there no one is allowed to interrupt you, not even the phone. Maybe you have a cool drink in your hand, music in your ears or just silence. This space is just for you and your dreams to take you to any holiday destination is the world. Or just a time out to bring you into the now. 

Spoil yourself with some extra good food. Explore new ways of cooking or eat at local restaurants in your neighbourhood. Go to that local joint you have never been to, they would need any support they can get these days while you get the joy of a new experience. 


Glad sommar hemma! Hyvää kesää koti! God sommer hjem!


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