The science behind the perfect Christmas gift

Author: Hanna Lofgren   Date Posted:9 December 2021 


Giving gifts makes us feel happy. It’s a way to communicate warm feelings towards the ones we care about. But what if you get it wrong? What if the effect is the opposite of what you intended? Luckily there is research around the topic to take away the guessing. And better yet, we’ve looked into it for you!


How to find the Unicorn?

Are you trying to find something truly unique to give? A real big surprise? We have good news! According to research, people are actually at their best when choosing something they would like themselves too. So why not start with the common denominator and get something that has to do with an interest you both share? If you find it hard to name common interests, it’s completely fine  to just ask what the recipient wants. 


Thought that counts

Have you considered the easy way out by simply getting something ridiculously expensive? Spending more does not seem to make the recipient appreciate the gift more. In fact, the research shows that thoughtfulness has much more to do with appreciation than a big fat price tag. Recipients seem to care more about the long-term value of the gift than the actual monetary value.

No sweat!

At the end of the day, you probably shouldn’t stress too much about your gift choice. A truly awful present is actually a really rare find. The old saying still rings true -  it truly is the thought that counts. Unless you pick something totally inappropriate, the recipient is likely to feel appreciated by your lovely gesture alone. 



Gifts for him

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for Him - your darling partner, ex-husband or future boyfriend? Son, son-in-law, grandson? Bestie, dad, granddad… Whoever may be the main man in your life, we’ve got it covered.


Gifts for her

When it comes to selecting the best gift for others, women seem to do it best. The common denominator of women as receivers of presents seems to be that the thought behind the gift often means the most, for the most.


Gifts for a couple 

Aiming to please two people may make the task feel twice as daunting. Start from figuring out what your favourite couple will actually use or need. What do they love to do as a couple? What would upgrade their together-time?

Gifts for kids

Kids can change their minds faster than you can say Santa Claus. Our Kids collection has fun gift ideas galore. If in doubt, check out our fool-proof formula to nail the hunt. 


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