Three steps to a new look & feel without renovating

Author: Maria Laitinen   Date Posted:13 April 2020 

Three steps to a new look & feel without renovating

We all love the feeling of a freshly renovated home – the newly painted walls, glossy finishing and the carefully curated items on sparkling clean surfaces. The feeling is almost addictive; what might start out as a small holiday renovation can easily escalate to more and more ideas, as the old against the brand new suddenly looks outdated and scruffy.

Although the decision to renovate is rarely made on whim, it might be a good idea to try a few tricks before embarking on a mission that is not just costly, but also stressful and time consuming. Here are our tips to freshen your home without the headaches of a total overhaul.

  1. Move things around and re-evaluate

This could go without saying, but sometimes we get so accustomed to our belongings that they go almost unnoticed. Clearing out a room and starting from scratch, using your existing pieces, can give you a totally new perspective on the space. Consider the size of your furniture; does the room feel cramped and stuffy? Is there one piece of furniture that always stands out? You might want to start with less and temporarily store unnecessary items away, creating a space that feels more airy and light.

  1. Change the colour scheme with soft furnishing

Many of us tend to correspond to seasonal changes with our wardrobe and decorating. In spring we change into lighter colours and in turn gravitate towards the darker hues as autumn rolls in. Investing in a couple of colour schemes that are easily transferable can be all that you need to change the whole look and feel of your home. Think cushion covers in lighter hues like soft neutrals and whites or pastels, light linen throws and other textiles for summer. In autumn bring in warmer throws in darker colours like warm browns, rusty reds and purples even adding rugs to warm your toes on. A few key pieces can be all you need to finish the look.

  1.  Finish with a few decorative pieces

Once you have re-evaluated the bigger furniture pieces, as well as added seasonal colour with soft furnishing, it’s time to bring in the final touches with a few decorative pieces. Candles can be trans-seasonal, but certainly warm up the atmosphere during the cooler months. If necessary, consider adding extra lighting to dark corners that can otherwise feel dull and depressinga. Vases with fresh flowers or seasonal branches can be a low-cost, but effective addition. Curating a seasonal, yet timeless collection of carefully selected decorations can deter you from large-scale renovations indefinitely – or at least until the next season of The Block rolls out…


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