5 tips- For Your Own Midsummer Celebration

Author: Caroline Brandelious   Date Posted:19 June 2019 

It is time for the Nordic people to defrost.

Midsummer is here which means summer with warmer days and good times to come.


Midsummer is arguably Scandinavian’s most favourite holiday of the year. It beats Christmas and Easter because finally the sun has arrived. Midsummer is celebrated around 20th-25th of June. In Sweden and Finland it is a public holiday but not in Norway and Denmark. Midsummer happens on the summer solstice which is the longest day of the year. The celebrations vary a little bit depending the country. But what they all do have in common, is the welcoming of summer.

Midsummer Pole, Herring & Bonfires

Put your clogs on and get moving. In Sweden and Finland people dress a pole with green leaves and flowers and dance around it. It is normally accompanied with violin music and traditional folk music. People also wear homemade flower crowns. There is no explanation why this is a tradition more than a celebration of greenery and flowers, that comes with summer.

Midsummer is all about food and beverage. The celebration is especially huge in Sweden. It is a long weekend and a lot of people leave the city to celebrate in archipelagos or on the countryside. It is tradition to eat pickled herring. A lot of people have their own secret recipe of pickled herring. Of course fresh strawberries and the new potato cooked with dill is a must on the table. And it all has to be served with a schnapps. Before you drink the schnapps you have to sing a little verse “snapsvisa”. The lyrics are normally rude or make no sense.

Big bonfires are normally lit in Finland, Denmark and Norway. Back in the days they were supposed to scare away witches and bad spirits. Today they are enjoyed on a beach with camping chairs and warm blankets. In Denmark and Norway they also sing the traditional song “Vi elsker vort land” which means “we love our country”.

Midsummer is a celebration that summer has arrived. Unfortunately this day most of the times is very cold and rainy. The beauty in this, is that people still puts on their summer dress and linen suit and prepare for dinner outside and even a dip in the sea, just in case this year’s Midsummer is sunny with 25 degrees.

Magic In The Air

Midsummer is full with spiritual power and magic. Back in the day’s people rolled around naked in the morning dew, a way to stay healthy and strong for the rest of the year. Unmarried women were told to pick seven flowers from the wild, put it under their pillow and their dreams would tell them about their future husband.

Midsummer is known for being full of romance and it is not a coincidence that most Swedish babies are born nine months after midsummer week. Statistics shows that most babies in Sweden are born on the 22 of March.


5 tips - For Your Own Midsummer Celebration

If you want a little bit of Nordic Midsummer we got some good tips for you. Also make sure you come and visit our stores where you can buy some herring. Unfortunately we can't’ ship herring as it is a refrigerated item.

Get some knackebrod and dill sauce

Get your midsummer outfit

Make your own flower crown - Instructions here

Learn the Swedish classic midsummer dance “Sma grodorna”, with Alexander Skarsgard

Load up on alcohol...

Good luck with your Midsummer preparations!


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