boy and girl playing with wooden blocks and soft toy snake

Gifting for kids made easy

Kids have an astonishing ability to change their minds about things faster than you can say Santa Claus. No wonder finding just the right gift for them can sometimes feel like a struggle, even for the ones who know them best. 

As seasoned gift-experts we have developed a fool-proof 3-step formula to nail the hunt. It works like this; Firstly, start by narrowing down the scope. Choose whether you’re aiming for something they need or something they really want. Once that one is clear, lock in a category to go with: something to play with, something to wear or something to read. Next, jump to our check-list for age-appropriate preferences.



There’s nothing quite as magical as a baby’s first Christmas. Choose a gift that will make the memory of it a lasting one. If you opt for a toy, a sense-stimulating one is sure to make a baby happy. With the littlest ones, you would obviously want it to be safe, toxin-free and drool-proof.



With a toddler, the wrappings may sometimes cause more excitement than whatever’s inside. The real thrill may be in mastering the skill of unwrapping or figuring out a new purpose for the gift box. Knowing this, the best bet is to go for a gift that offers plenty of opportunities for open-end play and use of imagination.


Cork Rainbow Balance Stool       Wooden Rainbow Wagon w Blocks Mini Tritan Collection          OYOY Wooden Abacus


Primary school

School-aged children are often highly sociable little beings who enjoy doing things together. That makes things involving social activities such as games, crafting, arts, baking or cooking a natural choice. A good old-fashioned board game may very well be able to beat screens and gadgets if it means getting to play it with you. Feeling creative? Put together a little jar of coupons to gift your time doing their favourite things: camping in the living room, making ice cream sundaes, little road trip... 



Trendy sneakers and tech-toys aside, what teenagers (too) often yern the most are meaningful connections. Choose a gift that has to do with an interest that you both share – sports, crafting beauty, fashion or jewellery. stargazing or whatever it may be… that is a great way to build closeness. Or let them shine and go for an activity where the teen is the real expert. 

Mino Speakers Personal Notebook A-Z Travel/Sports LIFE Cups EdBlad Jewellery


Ta-da!  A smile-worthy surprise is practically at your fingertips!


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