Midsummer Table Setting

How to Create the Ultimate Swedish Midsummer Table

A complete guide on how to set your table for a Midsummer party

Understanding Midsummer

Scandinavian Midsummer (Midsommar) is a festive occasion filled with joyous activities, delicious food, and traditional customs. It’s a time to gather with friends and family, dance around the maypole, sing traditional songs, and enjoy a feast that celebrates the season's bounty. In Sweden, this celebration is often marked with flower crowns, folk music, and a table laden with seasonal dishes like pickled herring, new potatoes, and strawberries. For Scandinavian expats in Australia and locals curious about this tradition, setting a Swedish Midsummer table is a wonderful way to embrace and share this cultural heritage.

1. Choose the Right Tableware


  • Start with a crisp white or light-coloured linen tablecloth. Blue and white together is a perfect combination.
  • Add linen napkins in coordinating shades to enhance the look. You can find high-quality linen products on our Nordic Fusion store.

    Plates and Utensils:

    • Opt for white or neutral-coloured plates.
    • Use simple, elegant cutlery or rustic wooden utensils for an authentic touch. Our selection of Scandinavian tableware offers perfect options.


    • Select clear glassware for water and traditional Scandinavian aquavit or Schnapps.
    • Include beautiful wine glasses for serving wine and Glögg.
    OYOY Mizu Glasses and Lasi Vase

      2. Create a Natural Centerpiece


      • Use a vase filled with wildflowers like daisies, buttercups, cornflowers or chrysanthemums. 
      • Consider weaving flower crowns to place as a decorative centerpiece or for you and your guests to wear. Making flower crowns with your guests is a fun activity to share together. 


      • Add candles or tea lights in glass holders to create a warm ambiance. Our Scandinavian candle holders can add an elegant touch to any setting.
      Skogsberg & Smart Boule Hurricane Mini

        3. Incorporate Natural Decorations

        • Lay fresh greenery such as birch branches or ferns down the center of the table to celebrate the connection to nature.
        • Display bowls of seasonal fruits like strawberries and cherries for a pop of colour and freshness.

        4. Set Elegant Place Settings

        Personal Touches:

        • Add personalised name cards or small bundles of herbs tied with twine at each setting.
        • Keep place settings simple and uncluttered, emphasising functionality and style.
        OYOY Stripped Blue Napkin

          5. Present Traditional Midsummer Foods Beautifully

          Serving Platters:

          • Use wooden boards or platters for serving traditional Midsummer dishes like herring, new potatoes with dill, and crispbread.
          • Highlight desserts such as strawberries with cream or a traditional Midsummer cake.
          OYOY Yumi Chopping Board

          6. Offer a Variety of Drinks

          Aquavit and Schnapps:

          • Provide a selection of aquavit or schnapps for toasting. Decorate the bottles with small sprigs of dill or herbs.
          • Include sparkling water, homemade lemonade, or elderflower cordial for refreshing non-alcoholic alternatives.

          7. Additional Tips for a Perfect Midsummer Table

          Natural Elements:

          • Incorporate natural elements wherever possible, such as wooden utensils and fresh, seasonal decorations.
          • If weather permits, set the table outdoors and celebrate the connection to nature.

          Backyard Firepit or Barbecue:

          • A backyard firepit or barbecue can recreate the traditional Midsummer bonfire experience. Gather around the fire for warmth and ambiance, and use the barbecue to prepare traditional grilled dishes. This setup adds a cosy, communal feel to your celebration. As it's winter in Australia, grab a couple of wool blankets to keep you and your guests nice and toasty. Check out our traditional Swedish blankets for inspiration. 

          8. Engage in Traditional Games

          Midsummer celebrations often include fun and engaging outdoor games that everyone can enjoy:

          • Finska and Kubb: These traditional Scandinavian lawn games are perfect for a friendly competition.
          Finska Game

          • Tug of War: Organise a tug of war for some energetic fun.
          • Sack Race: Host a sack race to get everyone laughing and moving.

          These activities not only add to the festive atmosphere but also create lasting memories with family and friends.

          Bringing Midsummer to Australia

          At Nordic Fusion, we offer a wide range of Scandinavian products to help you celebrate Midsummer in true Nordic style. From traditional foods to elegant tableware and decorations, we have everything you need to create a beautiful and authentic Midsummer experience. Whether you're a Scandinavian living in Australia or an Australian looking to explore new traditions, our curated selection will bring the magic of Midsummer to your home.

          By following these tips, you’ll create a stunning Scandinavian Midsummer table that captures the essence of this cherished tradition. Enjoy the festivities with a beautifully set table that celebrates the simplicity and beauty of Scandinavian design.

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