We know what it’s like when you can’t find your favourite treats, sweets and other edible goodies which is why we’ve tracked them down for you! We stock delicious delights from all over Scandinavia including mouth-watering chocolates from Marabau and Daim; classic Nordic jams such as Lingonberry, Cloudberry and Gooseberry; Fazer and Leksands crispbreads; scrumptious lollies by Malaco and Ahlgrens; gingersnaps and other biscuits, pearl sugar for baking, Elderflower cordial and more. We even stock refrigerated items such as Cod Roe and Herring – just enquire in-store at one of our boutiques. Yum!

Bilar Jelly Cars 125g
Djungelvral S-Salta 80g
Pearl sugar 500g
Salmiakki Mix 180g
Tyrkisk Peber Xtrahot 150g
Bilar Jelly Cars Sour 100g
Cordial Elderflower 500ml
Cordial Lingonberry 500ml
Daim Bag Marabou 200g
Daim Double Marabou 56g
Geisha Chocolate Bar 100g
Ginger Almond Snaps 150g
Ginger Snaps Original 150g
Gott and Blandat Salt 150g
Jam 450g Goosberry
Jam Queen 450g
Kexchoklad 60g
Leksands 400g Round
Leksands Blue 200g
Lingonberry Jam 400g